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ROAR: The Rapid Online Assessment of Reading Ability

An open-source platform of reading assessment

Rapid Online Assessment of Reading Ability

Yeatman, J. D., Tang, K. A., Donnelly, P. M., Yablonski, M., Ramamurthy, M., Karipidis, I. I., Caffarra, S., Takada, M. E., Kanopka, K., Ben-Shachar, M., & Domingue, B. W. (2021). Scientific Reports,11(1), 6396.

The Rapid Online Assessment of Reading is an ongoing research project and online platform for assessing foundational reading skills. The ROAR is a suite of measures; each is delivered through the web browser and does not require a test administrator. The ROAR rapidly provides highly reliable indices of reading ability consistent with scores on other standardized, in-person reading assessments.

The long-term goal of this project is to develop a platform of assessments, covering the foundations of reading, and bridging scientific research, educational and clinical practice. Read more about our validation studies, collaborative research partnerships, and demo our online tasks.

Developed through collaborative research with stakeholders in schools, clinics and research labs

New studies have validated the ROAR against and in-person administration of the Woodcock Johnsons Basic Reading Skills Index in children as young as first grade.